Together Michael Wynne Sound brings over twenty years of professional audio production experience.  Our diverse team brings specialty skills to the table ranging from production sound, audio mixing, music production and sound design.  Together, our diverse skill set allows our clients to have a creative, reliable and responsive one stop shop for content, production, and delivery.

Michael Wynne

Owner & Sound Mixer

Eric Thames

Editor & Pro Tools Operator

Paul Riechman

Sound Design & Engineering

Matt Thirey

Sound Utility & Foley Artist

The Studio

Sound. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the studio team of MWP.  It’s never ending mission, to explore new technical heights and creative foundations.  To boldly go where no sound person has gone before.

Our Story

One sound guy, started doing a lot of sound work in 1999.  Then things got busy, and he started working with other sound guys and then they became a team and in 2009, together they formed MWP.  Atlanta’s most skilled audio post production team.

Booking & Rates

To check availability for studio time booking email us at or call us at 404-228-9769.  To book time you’ll need to request a hold. Our base rate for studio time with one audio engineer is $450.00 which covers you for up to two hours studio time, then additional time is billed at 225 per hr.   Source Connect, ISDN bridges, are billed additional.