ADR & VO Recording

Our recording facility is available for prompt booking and is convenient too Atlanta in town sets for talent working locally needing to record ADR. Our team has recorded ADR for top shows such as Drop Dead Diva & Top Gear. We offer ISDN bridges, Aux TC feeds & Source Connect Pro with picture locked synch and remote bi directional feeds to and from your post facility.

Dialogue Editing & Restoration

Our dialogue editors deliver unsurpassed results for the mix track selections quickly and efficiently pulling from ISO’s, with detailed sculpting and editing that can be as finite as a single syllable or even substituting a single word from a wild line or another take.  We evaluate your detailed sound reports to be sure your dialogue is at it’s best and also have mastered cutting edge tools including RX4 Pro, and additional hardware processing for the elimination of background noise, camera noise, incidentals & RF interference.

Sound Design

We record, edit and master custom sound design which includes vehicles, natural indoor spaces, outdoor ambiences, mechanical sounds, organic sounds, and everything in between and have over twenty years experience in synth programming using specialized analog hardware such as the Moog Voyager manipulating, layering and creating a full soundscape that brings something special and unique to each and every project.


Post Sound Mixing

Our mixing room is a Dolby calibrated and acoustically treated space that boasts over forty bass traps, broadband traps and overhead cloud diffusers. The symmetry of the mixing sweet spot, argosy console and combined diffusion eliminates first order reflections, rear reflections and cloud diffusers also eliminate reflections from the ceiling.

Foley Recording

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference between something that sounds good to something that pulls the viewer into the emotion of each experience. Not only do we go into infinite detail to match the tiny details in the picture, we think about how the small nuances compliment the emotion of what the viewer is experiencing, helping the director bring to life a compelling soundtrack & story.

Music Editing & Supervision

If you need music for your corporate video, trailer, commercial, online pre roll or other usage we have a simple and easy solution to find, secure and utilize directly from our “Search Music” tab here on our site.  We also offer in house custom music for projects that need something a bit more boutique and high end such as national spots, and campaigns.

Radio Production

Whether you need to produce a short PSA, or a national radio spot, we provide a comfortable and creative environment for both talent and client to produce outstanding results. We also have production resources available to help you find talent, license music direct, and provide a large catalog of cutting edge sound effects to help bring your radio spot to life.